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Interpretative Descent Canyon of Almadenes and Cueva de los Monigotes. Kayak

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The most beautiful section of the Region as it runs through one of the most beautiful places in the Region of Murcia, the Natural Protected Area of ​​“El Cañón de Almadenes”, a space proposed as a place of Community Importance. Our interpretive guides will make this activity a unique experience where you will know firsthand the best preserved Forest of the Region with its 150 species of flora and fauna recognized, making a special mention to the visit of the Cave of the Monigotes with Rock Art UNESCO Heritage.

5 STARS EXPERIENCE (consusltar customer opinions) with a duration of three and a half hours approximately and adapted for all ages and public (Accessible Tourism)

INCLUDES: Necessary material, interpretive guides, theoretical-practical talk, photographic report and internal transfer. Optional HD video.

Throughout the descent we will find:

The Coves of the Well Cave or Cueva de los Monigotes.

8,000 years ago, the epipaleolithic groups began to inhabit this shelter, providing themselves with the natural resources of the environment to feed themselves, collecting fruits, fishing in the river and hunting rabbits, goats and birds. They picked pine branches to set fire, heat up or cook food.

Rock art is the most important aspect of this archaeological site.
The red schematic paintings are distributed in human schematizations, animal representations and other signs of difficult interpretation. They are UNESCO heritage since 1999

Calm Waters (Alfonso XIII Reservoir) Kayak

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This activity is designed for those who wish to spend a pleasant morning or afternoon enjoying nature and the charms both in flora and fauna that the Alfonso XII Reservoir or Quipar Reservoir offers us, all surrounded by peace and tranquility. It is a beautiful experience in which we will give you a basic course on kayaking and safety. We will deliver everything you need (kayak, paddle, vest, helmet and photo report) the rest is your decision
You can choose between our two variants:

Interpretive river walk

In this modality you will be accompanied at all times by our interpretative guide that will introduce you to the history, flora and fauna of the place. In addition to accompanying you to the most outstanding points of interest, it will give you tips to improve the handling of the boat.

Free river walk

In this trip you can enjoy the freedom to visit those areas that you like the most without being accompanied at all times by the guide, who will continue to watch over your safety but will give you the freedom to make this activity more personal. Lunch or snack will be delivered so you can stop at those places that you like to take a bite and continue with your walk.