Bungee Jumping in the Tablate (Granada)

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With the Puenting de Cañón y Cañón Multiaventura you will find the biggest possible adrenaline rush jumping from a bridge, we perform jumps in different places with different scenarios and characteristics. The price includes activity, material, insurance, monitors, photographic report and video-editing in HD valued at 30 euros, do not hesitate, jump with us at the best price and take away the memory of an unforgettable day.

INCLUDES: Necessary and approved material, Monitors, Insurance, theoretical-practical lectures and Photographic Report. Optional HD Video.

We will move to Granada to make the jumps starting from the base to gather a minimum group of 40 people, usually jump into the Reservoir of Fuensanta (Yeste), where the jump and the environment invite you to enjoy this experience;)

Bungee jumping on the bridge of Vicaria Yeste (Albacete)

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If you like strong emotions this is your activity, live with the leading company of bungee jumping in Murcia the contradictory feeling of throwing yourself into the void from a bridge. A cocktail of sensations, fear, adrenaline and freedom, all in a single jump that you will remember forever as, apart from everything necessary, we will give you a photo report and an HD video so that you have the memory of an unforgettable experience.

From Cañón y Cañón Multiaventura we offer you two bungee jumping with totally different sensations, in front of you doing a somersault and back where you will experience a great sensation of falling into the void. All this surrounded by an incomparable setting such as the Fuensanta Reservoir.

INCLUDES: Two jumps for one person, necessary material, monitors, insurance, theoretical-practical lectures and HD Photo and Video Report.

The monitors prepare all the necessary material while they give you a theoretical talk about the jump. Then your moment arrives, you will have to have courage and decision to launch yourself from a bridge of about 40 meters high, either on your head, on your back or both. You will fall and you will do pendulum effect, from top to bottom again and again until finally the monitor descends rappelling you to the ground, where another monitor will pick you up.

The activity takes place in the Fuensanta Reservoir (Yeste), we move there for its beautiful views, as well as being the ideal place to jump with the best guarantees and to be able to enjoy a unique environment in the middle of Yeste’s nature, taking advantage of the occasion to visit numerous points of interest such as the Natural Park of the World and the Sima, the Birth of the River Mundo, the Tus Canyon, the Yeste Castle, etc.

The activity will be carried out when the company meets a minimum of 10 people, during morning and afternoon hours.