Interpretative Descent Canyon of Almadenes and Cueva de los Monigotes. Raft

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The most beautiful section of the Region as it runs through one of the most beautiful places in the Region of Murcia, the Natural Protected Area of ​​”El Cañón de Almadenes”, a space proposed as a place of Community Importance. Our interpretive guides will make this activity a unique experience where you will know firsthand the best preserved Forest of the Region with its 150 species of flora and fauna recognized, making a special mention to the visit of the Cave of the Monigotes with Rock Art UNESCO Heritage.

5 STARS EXPERIENCE (consusltar customer opinions) with a duration of three and a half hours approximately and adapted for all ages and public (Accessible Tourism)

INCLUDES: Necessary material, interpretive guides, insurance, lunch or snack to be selected, theoretical-practical talk, photographic report and internal transfer. Optional HD video.

Throughout the descent we will find:

The Coves of the Well Cave or Cueva de los Monigotes.

8,000 years ago, the epipaleolithic groups began to inhabit this shelter, providing themselves with the natural resources of the environment to feed themselves, collecting fruits, fishing in the river and hunting rabbits, goats and birds. They picked pine branches to set fire, heat up or cook food.

Rock art is the most important aspect of this archaeological site.
The red schematic paintings are distributed in human schematizations, animal representations and other signs of difficult interpretation. They are UNESCO heritage since 1999

Cenajo and Rio Mundo (Calasparra). Raft

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Descent of “El Cenajo”, 10 km of crossing located between the Cenajo Reservoir and the Bayo Dam, passing through the Salmerón and the Mines. This is the most wild, exclusive and moving descent we have in the Region of Murcia, also outstanding in terms of diversity of fauna, flora with huge weeping willows, history, and crystal clear waters, all surrounded by an incredible landscape. We are the only company that makes this stretch … Do you dare?

Throughout the descent we will find:

Different areas of rapids and curves.

In this section the level of the rapids is greater than in others, we will find areas where the river becomes enraged and we will have to overcome various obstacles such as rocks, trees, other boats, etc. Several of its curves are 90º so this trip will test your physical condition and handling of the boat.

Dams of different levels.

At the beginning we will find our first intermediate level dam where we will stop to play a little and you will have a first contact for the three prey that we will have to cross, all of different level to end up going through the largest natural dam that we descend in all our stretches.

History, flora and fauna.

The diversity of flora and fauna is spectacular, where we can find otters, jabalies crossing the river, mountain goats, eagles, tortoises, jinetas, etc. This is undoubtedly a landscape with a unique beauty and great value from the aesthetic point of view, all this coupled with the adrenaline that generates the intensity of this descent makes this stretch is the most complete we have in the Region. Adrenaline, fun and wild nature.

From Canyon and Canyon Multiaventura we recommend that before choosing descent you ensure that the company has qualified monitors in rafting and first aid at least, approved quality materials and vessels with identification plates that have passed the corresponding quality controls. Make your descent with the best guarantee;)

Valley of Ricote (Cieza). Raft

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Section of the Segura located between Cieza and Abarán, crossing of 10 kms between these localities, passing through the Menjú, the Parque de las Norias, the Ricote Valley. Intermediate level section and very fun, mainly for having two dams, a rapids area, bathing areas, water slide and waterfalls, suitable for all ages from six years. The diversity of flora, fauna, and water is not comparable to the beauty of the other sections, but it is ideal for those who want to live a day of action and adventure.

Throughout the descent we will find:

El Menjú Dam and El Jarral Dam.

We will cross these two dams uploaded on the boat, the largest of them is optional for the most daring, at all times accompanied by a qualified guide. Between both we will enjoy a relaxing bath in the areas enabled for it, we will pass a very fun area of ​​rapids where we will avoid different obstacles, stop at Abarán Park, where we will take lunch or snack to gather strength before proceeding to our last point .

Slides and waterfalls.

In the last dam we will stop to do different activities, besides part of the climb up on the boat, we will slide one or several times through a water slide letting ourselves go and with the help of the monitors. We will also take a bath to finish arriving to the waterfalls to enjoy the massage of the fall of the water on us. We will look for ways to get inside the waterfalls to take some photos as a couple or group while enjoying the curtain of water that it offers us

All these activities are optional, once in the dam the client will decide, always in the company of qualified guides, both for those who decide to do them and for those who prefer to enjoy from the shore.

It is an ideal stretch for groups that are looking for something more action and live an experience that leaves its mark. You will spend an incredible day with your family, you will enjoy a pleasant adventure with friends or as a couple, we will put everything you need at your fingertips. Water wars are more than assured in the most refreshing adventure of summer.

In addition our monitors will give you a theoretical-practical talk before the start of the activity so that you have clear at all times how is the handling of the boat. During the trip, we will make different games under the instructions of the guides, such as the horses, dump and unload the boat, assault on other boats, water battles, etc.