Tirolina (Calasparra & Inazares)

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The zip line consists of a pulley suspended by cables mounted on a slope or inclination. Designed to be driven by gravity and slide from the top to the bottom with a cable, rope, etc … One end is tied at a high point and the other close to the ground, we have different levels, difficulty, length , etc. Good activity to download adrenaline and to complement any of the other multi-adventure activities that we offer.

INCLUDES: necessary material, monitors, insurance and report of photos and video in HD. Normally to be a short-term activity is used as a complement to a river descent, paintball, hiking trail, etc.

The feeling of moving through the air is something that both adults and children like, which makes this multi-adventure activity one of the most requested by adventurers. In our aerial tour, we will have the opportunity to contemplate the site of Inazares among others.

After the landing, we will descend on foot through a forest road, where we can enjoy a walk among the vegetation of the area until we reach the starting point. Both the air route and the forest road are worth enjoying in any season of the year.