Murcia & Granada

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If you have ever imagined what it would be like to climb the best rock formations while sliding down its walls both up and down, Cañón y Cañón Multiaventura invites you to participate in its Via Ferrata activity. Thanks to this sport, you will waste adrenaline and accumulated tensions, you will be in full contact with nature and you will enjoy spectacular panoramas.

It is not necessary to have previous experience or a certain physical form, the only requirement is to be over 16 years old. We provide you with all the necessary material so that the activity comes out and you can fully enjoy the experience.

INCLUDES: Necessary material, Guides, Insurance, theoretical-practical lectures and Photographic Report. Optional HD Video.

Well this is your activity! Enjoy the via ferrata, an activity that allows you to enjoy an impressive vertical route, previously reserved only for climbers. It is an evolution towards climbing that allows you to face the heights, the activity combines hiking with vertical progression. We have different options and itineraries so you can choose according to your tastes. Remember to bring comfortable clothes and sports shoes, the rest is our responsibility. We give you a great photo report and an HD video so you do not forget this adventure.

The ascent is done with the security that allows anchors attached to the wall and some pegs that facilitate the climb. Our guides will teach you the special progression technique and will provide you maximum safety and enjoyment! We will travel to different itineraries and places where we will carry out this adventure: Cañón de Almadenes (Calasparra), Casas Nuevas (Mula) and Puebla Don Fradrique (Granada)

Activity duration: 2h-3h. It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes, and mountain boots.