multi-adventure pack

Paintball 200 balls and Multiaventura in Inazares (Moratalla)

Adventure pack suitable for those who seek a greater adrenaline rush or simply adjust outstanding accounts with someone. Ideal activity to perform as a family, with friends, companies, farewells, birthdays or to complete your adventure plan. With availability of accommodation and food in the Caserío de Inazares.
It is suitable for all ages from 6 years, you just need the desire to have fun, we take care of the rest.



INCLUDES: Necessary material, Monitors, Insurance, theoretical-practical lectures and Photographic Report. Optional HD Video.
On this day of adventures we will prepare to paintball first, adapted for adults, children or all as a family. This activity with 200 balls, with different games and game modes will take us almost all morning, so we can complete it with the multi-adventure also in the morning or take the multiadventure in the afternoon if the group is large.
In the multiadventure we will enjoy a zip line of 100 meters, climbing routes, a rappel and a monkey bridge.

40 €

Prehistoric Pack. Rafting or kayak with visit to the Serreta


One of the most beautiful and didactic packs that we make available to our clients as it runs through one of the most beautiful places in Murcia, the Natural Protected Area of “El Cañón de Almadenes”, a space proposed as a place of Community Importance. Our interpretive guides will make this activity a unique experience where you will know first-hand the best preserved Forest Gallery of the Region with its 150 species of recognized flora and fauna, making a special mention to the visit of the Cueva de los Monigotes and especially to the Cave of the Serreta with Rock Art Heritage of UNESCO. Before starting or finishing the descent, we will arrange to visit the Serreta cave where we will receive a workshop about his paintings and surroundings.


5 STARS EXPERIENCE (consusltar customer opinions) with a duration of three and a half hours approximately and adapted for all ages and public (Accessible Tourism)
INCLUDES: Visit to the Cueva de la Serreta, necessary material, interpretive guides, insurance, lunch or snack to alegir, theoretical and practical talk, photo report and internal transfer. Optional HD video.
 Throughout the descent we will find:
The Coves of the Well Cave or Cueva de los Monigotes.

8,000 years ago, the epipaleolithic groups began to inhabit this shelter, providing themselves with the natural resources of the environment to feed themselves, collecting fruits, fishing in the river and hunting rabbits, goats and birds. They picked pine branches to set fire, heat up or cook food.
Rock art is the most important aspect of this archaeological site.
They are UNESCO heritage since 1999.
Visit to the Serreta Cave
Who visits the cave-chasm of the Serreta is amazed by the spectacular nature of the landscape, and pleasantly surprised to discover in its interior one of the most significant rock art stations in the Region of Murcia.
On the one hand, the spectacular location, in the heart of the Almadenes Canyon, and from whose inner balcony you can enjoy one of the best views of the River Segura as it passes through the Region of Murcia. On the other hand, the existence inside of the remains of a Roman habitat, being the only one documented so far in a cave in the Iberian Peninsula

23 €

Ascensión Revolcadores and Multiaventura in Inazares (Moratalla)

In this pack we will enjoy a full day of adventures in Inazares, one of the most beautiful villages and roof of Murcia. It is located in the town of Moratalla, you can complete your visit with accommodation and / or restaurant that offers the Caserío de Inazares, with great houses and good service.


INCLUDES: Necessary material, Monitors, Insurance, theoretical-practical lectures and Photographic Report. Optional HD Video.
In the morning we will get ready to climb to the top of Revolcadores, the highest peak in the Region of Murcia, for this a guide will accompany you at all times. After returning to the starting point you can enjoy a meal in the Restaurant of Inazares or consult the different options.
In the afternoon we will move 300 meters to reach our multi-adventure area, where we will perform different activities such as a zip line of 100 meters, different climbing routes, a rappel and a monkey bridge.

40 €

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