Interpretive Routes with Guide


We invite you to know in an exclusive way the Natural Sites and Reserves that we find in the Northwest Murciano. In these Hiking Routes we will be accompanied by an Interpretive Guide, specialized in the history, environment, flora, fauna, traditions and other elements that we will find along these places.


This makes our clients have a full knowledge and a personalized experience with each of the most exclusive and beautiful places that we will find in Murciano interior. It is a simple and very attractive activity for all those who want to learn about the environment that surrounds us.

To carry out the activity we will need a minimum group of 10 people (to be gathered by the company), in case of being less consulted with the company. We recommend completing these interpretive routes with any of our activities.

The different interpretive routes that we find are:

– Interpretive Route 1. Natural Reserve of Cañaverosa (La Huertecica).

– Interpretive Route 2. Guided Visit to the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Esperanza.

– Interpretive Route 3. Ecoturístco Vega Arrocera Trail

– Interpretive Route 4. Protected Natural Area Cañón de Almadenes.

– Interpretive Route 5. Peace Route (Sierra San Miguel)

– Interpretive Route 6. Geological Visit to Cabezo Negro.

– Interpretive Route 7. Canyon of the Argos River.

In the price we will include the Qualified Guides, Material Necessary, RC and Acc Insurance, Theoretical-practical talks, Photographic Report and HD Video so that you have an unforgettable memory.

10 €


Excursions on foot


In our walking tours you will enjoy a pleasant and quiet activity that we will do on marked roads and approved by the competent organizations, we will also know the urban center and places of interest both in the interior and in the surroundings of the town of Calasparra, a town considered as the heart of the interior of the Region of Murcia


This experience seeks to bring us closer to the natural and cultural environment, to the knowledge of the area through heritage and traditional ethnographic and cultural elements, using different communication routes such as roads, trails, roads, etc. This activity constitutes a symbiosis between sport, culture and the environment that will not leave you indifferent.

We will need a minimum group of 10 people (to be gathered by the company) to carry out the activity. We recommend to complement these excursions on foot with any of our other activities.

Among our different routes you will find:

-Route 1. Calasparra, Old Town and Museums.

Route 2. Calasparra, Castillo and Tunelillos.

-Route 3. Paths to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of La Esperanza.

-Route 4. Path of the Argos River.

-Ruta 5. Salinas de la Ramona

-Ruta 6. Camino de la Vera Cruz.

In the price we will include the qualified Guides, RC and Accc Insurance, Photographic Report and HD Video so that you have an unforgettable memory.

9 €


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